Dr Dharmica Mistry


Dr Dharmica Mistry

What makes them awesome: Dr Dharmica Mistry, is Chief Scientist at BCAL Diagnostics at a small  Australian biotechnology company developing a revolutionary blood test for the detection of breast cancer.


In November 2015 Dharmica was awarded the “Young Scientist Award” at the World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer.


In 2016 Dharmica was the recipient of the “NSW Young Woman of the Year” and announced as one of Australia’s’ top 6 Young executives in Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine.


In March 2017 Dharmica was announced as one of three finalists in the “InStyle (Magazine) Women of Style Awards” in the category of Science for her role in changing women’s health through her breast cancer research and development.


In Dr Mistry’s words: “Having worked in the breast cancer field for some time, I am highly aware of the psychological impact of the disease on the women who have been diagnosed. Queen Zaria’s story and goal, to empower women, is one which resonates with me and my own mission in this field. Breast cancer is such a common disease and many women are undergoing preventative surgery. Queen Zaria are making sure that throughout all of this, every woman continues to feel like herself and I really admire this mission.”