Bras are on their way! Kamya and Nina are slaving away with many sleepless nights to create the perfect mastectomy bra for you!

We are prototyping 8 different sizes to start with and you can be part of the process! If you live near Auckland and are sick of your old mastectomy bra, why not be our trial model? We will make you a brand new exclusive Queen Zaria mastectomy bra for you to trail for a couple of weeks! We require honest, open and straightforward gals who are happy to tell us how the bra actually feels on!

Queen Zaria bras will have a number of differences from your average mastectomy bra!

  • They will have a lower cut so we wear low styled dresses and tops with them, hooray!
  • Thinner straps allowing us to wear dresses and spaghetti tops.
  • The straps will be interchangeable so they won’t necessarily show through clothes.
  • Adjustable straps, this means we can wear racer back or muscle back tops, soon to be strapless!

I was sick of my prosthesis (size 10b) constantly falling out and jiggling around. Even when I walk fast it moves! It has a tendency to droop down below the actual pouch of the bra and rub against my very sensitive freshly operated skin! For this we have made two improvements.

  • Envelope style pocket for our prosthesis, designed so the prosthesis does not fall out or jiggle around.
  • Inbuilt support (shelf like), for the prosthesis so it does not droop down and touch the skin which is extremely sensitive after the operation.
  • Oh and did we mention, brighter, prettier colours!
  • Yes, we will have lace, frill and diamontes too for all our girly girls!
So gals, contact us if this sounds like a little bit of you! Let’s get together and create something absolutely magnificent for our fellow survivors!