Jo Pennycuick

What makes them awesome: Jo founded Redesign in 1998. Starting as a freelance operator, Jo has built the company into a leading design practice with work in many regions around the world. Jo is committed to each client with a personal drive for fulfilling every requirement on every project. Known for her professionalism, creativity and strong management style this combination has made both Jo and Redesign a success.


Dr Dharmica Mistry

What makes them awesome: Dr Dharmica Mistry, is Chief Scientist at BCAL Diagnostics at a small  Australian biotechnology company developing a revolutionary blood test for the detection of breast cancer.

In November 2015 Dharmica was awarded the “Young Scientist Award” at the World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer.


Dr Roslyn Murray

What makes them awesome: Dr Murray has a Ph.D in Materials Technology from Waikato University, and is a registered Patent Attorney in both New Zealand and Australia. Roslyn oversees WaikatoLink’s Intellectual Property portfolio and liaises with internal and external stakeholders to both prosecute and maintain the portfolio.


Dr Nanda Rajaneesh

What makes them awesome: Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh, an eminent Surgeon, endowed with rich and diverse experience and distinguished academic record, has established herself as a Specialist in Minimal invasive Gastrointestinal surgery, Breast surgery and Surgical Oncology.  She has acquired many degrees through extensive training in surgical field and is member of royal college of surgeons.