World Women’s Economic Forum thanks to Jo Pennycuick


World Women’s Economic Forum thanks to Jo Pennycuick

From Jo Pennychuick, Managing director of Redesign Group. 

“Big thanks to Jo for spreading the word about breast cancer awareness and for supporting the Queen Zaria brand! This is what she had to say!”

“I have met some wonderful inspirational women at the World Women’s Economic Forum over the last two days. I spoke on the panel for Conscientiousness in authentic leadership and increase of profits. Then on a panel for breast cancer awareness and support where spoke about the wonderful Kamya Ghose and her new business venture for mastectomy bras and support for young women experiencing breast cancer. The discussion ended with the use of Kamya’s company name Queen Zaria – warrior princess. Everyone experiencing cancer in any forms are warriors. Was a very heartfelt and emotional session.”

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